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Top Five Reasons to Make Great Bend, KS Home for Your Business

LABOR: Our workforce is built from a our oil and gas industry and as such is adaptable, hard-working, transferable to other industries and has the desire to work for a great employer. 

LOW OPERATING COSTS: WIth our labor costs being over 30% less than the national average and our cost of living also falling below the national average, Great Bend is a low-cost option with a high likelihood that your business will be profitable, faster! 

LOCATION AND ACCESS: With Great Bend's centralized location it puts your company in an ideal spot to do business. You will have access to rail, air transport and roadways, which makes sourcing the materials you need a breeze. 

AVAILABLE SITES AND BUILDINGS: With shovel-ready sites ranging in size from 1 acre all the way up to 240 acres, varying sizes of move-in ready building space, and an excited and supportive community we are ready to help your business settle in Great Bend.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Great Bend's access to top-quality education and specialized workforce training through Barton Community College and Kansas WorkforceONE, we are a top-pick location to hire new employees and retain them. Additionally, our community/technical college is always looking for ways to collaborate with business owners to provide the education they require. 

Great Bend Workforce

Skilled Workforce

Great Bend Courthouse

Lower than Average Cost

Great Bend Municipal Airport

Centralized Location that Boasts Ease of Access

Barton Trails Great Bend

Ready-to-Build Sites and Move-in Ready Buildings

Great Bend Students

Top Notch Education and Workforce Training

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