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The Great Bend Economic Development efforts are based on a cooperative relationship between the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce and the City of Great Bend, maintaining strong ties with the Kansas Department of Commerce and other local resources to attract new and retain our existing companies.


The goal of our efforts is to sustain long-term economic health and vitality of the City through the retention, expansion and attraction of businesses and development that enhance property values, increase personal income, and make a positive contribution to the quality of life of the citizens of Great Bend.


In partnership with the City,  Great Bend Economic Development works closely with commercial property owners, business owners and developers to assure that all of our businesses are functioning at their highest and best use, contributing to the City’s tax base and helping us achieve the City’s economic development goals. In addition, the Great Bend Economic Development works to actively market the City, recruit new businesses, and help existing businesses thrive.

Local Entrepreneur highlights

Great Bend is GREAT in large part due to so many local entrepreneurs that have put in the time and effort to be successful, in turn making our economy successful. These stories are just some of the many inspiring success stories here in our community. 

Have you ever had a business idea but didn't know where to start?! Come see us TODAY to talk about the options available for start up businesses! We need your ideas to #growgreatbend !

Welcome to Great Bend where we value ideas, encourage and help to facilitate growth, exude small-town charm and promote family life. We take pride in our community culture of inclusion and collaboration. Click the "Community" tab above to explore more about what our town has to offer. 

Great Bend is ripe with opportunities. With a community/tech college right in our backyard we are primed to help educate and train the workforce you desire. Learn more about our workforce here. 

Our city has much to offer in the ways of education. We offer public and private school opportunities as well as several home school groups. Also here in Great Bend is Barton County College. The college offers associate degree programs as well as several tech certifications. Come to Great Bend to learn and grown with us. To learn more about our K-12 education please click the "Education" tab above. 

Great Bend has many different types of attractions to keep you excited and engaged. Interested in art? You may want to check out our Great Bend Mural Project. How about entertainment? Our Brit Spaugh Zoo is just one of many daytime activites. Need a little history? Why not explore our Kansas Oil and Gas Museum. Click the "Attractions" tab above to explore more of the attractions we have to offer.

Join our community as we look towards our future and envision our utopia. We are a city passionate about our place in the world and making sure it always represents our vitality, our charm, our success and our mission: To be a diverse community of welcoming, engaged people leading Great Bend to shine as a regional economic, educational, and cultural center offering an energetic and inclusive experience built on a unique community spirit. Click the "Vision Plan" tab above to read more about our vision.

projects and information

Project Come Home

Are you from Great Bend and are curious to know how you would fit back into our thriving community and what opportunities might be available for you? What if I told you could move home to Central Kansas AND get help paying off student loans for living and working in Barton county, KS?!

Do you have outstanding student debt?

Have you graduated college within the last 7 years?

Do you currently live outside the Golden Belt area?

This opportunity may make sense for you!


Great Bend Economic Development is proud to promote the Golden Belt Community Foundation's Come Home reverse scholarship. 


As GBCF provides the funds for this amazing scholarship, Great Bend Economic Development has taken on the recruiting; seeking individuals that would fit into this scholarship as well as fill a need in the community. 


​Contact us today for more information OR apply for the reverse scholarship by clicking below.​​​​

Loft Project Grant Application

Do you own a property in downtown Great Bend with second story space that is currently not being used? We want to help you turn that unused space into residential loft space or commercial business space! Click below to access the grant application and see all of the details!

Let's GROW!!

Brush Up Great Bend

Are you ready to spruce up the exterior of your home? Check out our new paint and supplies grant program called "Brush Up Great Bend." Click below for details and application!


Why Businesses

love Great bend.

Upcoming Events and webinars

As an Economic Development Organization we get access to many events, webinars and classes to support businesses and offer education to enable growth. In effort to make sure all of our business have the opportunity to find the latest in educational tools and events across the state and online, we'll be updating this agenda daily with any new opportunities. 

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