For brokers and property owners

Our goal is to always make sure we are highlighting all of the available commercial properties that Barton County has to offer, whether they be to lease or to sell. If you are a Broker, rental company or individual with available commercial property in Barton County please fill out the available building or available site form below so that we can help to advertise your property for potential new business. 

Workforce Wishlist

for local employers

Are you a current business operating in Great Bend? Are you needing to hire more people but struggling to find them? Are you looking for a specific qualification/training in an employee that is proving hard to find? Let Economic Development help you! To better target our local recruiting efforts we need to know who you need to hire. Fill out the questions below and submit. From there we will help you with your recruiting efforts by:

Advertising your posting

Help you list your posting on local/regional job boards

Putting you in touch with a local workforce center

Working with you to explore the possibility of creating the training you require

Your answers will help us to further Great Bend's growth and create lasting programs to support local business needs. 

Workforce Wishlist Questionnaire

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