The Great Bend Economic Development efforts are based on a cooperative relationship between the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development and the City of Great Bend, maintaining strong ties with the Kansas Department of Commerce and other local resources to attract new and retain our existing companies.


The goal of our efforts is to sustain long-term economic health and vitality of the City through the retention, expansion and attraction of businesses and development that enhance property values, increase personal income, and make a positive contribution to the quality of life of the citizens of Great Bend.


In partnership with the City, the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development works closely with commercial property owners, business owners and developers to assure that all of our businesses are functioning at their highest and best use, contributing to the City’s tax base and helping us achieve the City’s economic development goals. In addition, the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development works to actively market the City, recruit new businesses, and help existing businesses thrive.


The Kansas Department of Commerce as well as the City of Great Bend, has a number of economic development programs available to eligible businesses and/or property owners. Many of the programs offer specific incentives and funding. Some of the incentives are available only in specific areas, while others are available throughout the City.



Kansas Dept. of Commerce



LocationOne Information System is a real-time, on-line economic development site selection tool. LOIS provides a visual map of available buildings and sites in your chosen area. This allows a way to streamline relocation to Great Bend by pinpointing potential sites quickly and easily online. Set search specifications or simply search all available properties. Please feel free to browse available sites and if you have any questions please contact our office.

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