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Interstate: I-70 40 mi.
Interstate: I-135 61 mi.
Highway: US-56/KS-156 0 mi.
Highway: K-96/US-281 0 mi.



Public Transportation

General Public Transportation through Sunflower Diversified Services - 620-792-7797

M-F 5:30AM - 10PM

Saturday - Sunday 8AM - 4PM



C.A.B. Transportation - 620-792-3859

M-F 6AM – 6PM


Mini Bus - 620-792-3859

M-F 8AM-5PM, Book 24 Hr. Ahead


Uber and LYFT are also available on a limited basis. 

Airport Infrastructure

The City of Great Bend operates the municipal airport 2 miles west of Great Bend at the industrial park. Great Bend Municipal Airport is a full ILS airport with an 8,000 foot concrete runway plus a 4,700 foot crosswind runway. Its self service fueling station attracts planes from all over the Midwest to stop and fuel up en route to their destinations. The airport fire station is equipped with a crash/fire rescue apparatus.

Distance to Metro Areas

Kansas City - 252 Miles

Denver, CO - 396 Miles

Dallas, TX - 480 Miles

St. Louis, MO - 498 Miles

Chicago, IL - 753 Miles

See Map Room for a better view.

Railway Infrastructure

Great Bend is served by the Kansas & Oklahoma (K&O) Railroad (Owned/Operated by Watco Companies). Piggyback ramp not available. Intermodal services not available. Nearest piggyback service is 95 miles.

Local Terminals

7 serving the Great Bend area.

Motor Carriers

16 serving the region.

Location and Information

Great Bend Airport has one fixed based operator (FBO) that provides charter services, flight training, maintenance, aircraft rental and state of the art self-service fueling system for Jet A and Avgas customers. With these services, Great Bend Municipal Airport has become a well-known mid-America fuel stop. Because of the airport’s capability, UPS elected to base its daily air cargo service at the airport. The runways are engineered to handle aircraft weighing up to 60,000 pounds.

In addition, Great Bend is served by national trucking companies with distribution capability throughout all North and Central America. Some of the major trucking firms include Old Dominion, EPO, Saia, R&L Trucking, Price Trucking Line, Fedex and UPS. With air, rail and trucking services, Great Bend is a prime location to provide inter modal transportation services.
Great Bend is also well located with access to major roadways to all four corners of the United States. Although not located on a four-lane system, Great Bend is located 50 miles from I-70 running east and west and 60 miles from I-35 running north and south. US Highway 56 and K-96 provide access to the major road arteries. A map of the road access can be viewed here.

 With convenient air, rail and road service, Great Bend is a prime location for manufacturing and distribution of products. By locating at our centralized site, your shipping costs and transit times will be significantly reduced in comparison to locating on either coast. This fact has persuaded the development of an e-commerce operation for one of the major firms in Great Bend. Their shipping costs have been drastically reduced by locating in central Kansas.

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