Youth Entrepreneurship challenge 2021

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Welcome to Barton County's first annual Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge! This competition is created to challenge our youth, encourage our business community to partner with and mentor our younger generations, and foster a community spirit for entrepreneurship!

The challenge will combine two different segments. 

The first segment will take place at the Event Center. In the first segment all participants will put together a tradeshow presentation of their business idea and share with the public, They will also present their formal 4-minute presentation to the judges during this time. 


After the first segment, the top 10 participants will be announced and will move on to segment two. Think of this segment as Barton County's own "Shark Tank."  The top 10 participants will be asked to set up their trade show presentation and present to the judges once more, and this time the judges will have the opportunity to ask questions about the business and interact with the participants. At the end three participants will receive awards.

There is over $2000 in prize money to be divided among the top three competitors. Third place with receive $500,second place will receive $750 and first place will receive $1000 and the opportunity to continue onto the the Statewide competition!

To register to compete please click here:

Deadline to sign up for Participants

February 18, 2021

Deadline to sign up for Judges

February 18, 2021

Competition Date: 

March 4, 2021

3111 10th Street

Great Bend, KS 67530


T: 620.796.2407

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