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Want to be a part of the downtown movement? Check out the information below on the Loft Grant Project, State Incentive Programs, and our new historic downtown district that will allow for State and Federal tax incentives! The opportunity is HERE and NOW! If you have a heart and passion for developing Great Bend, this page is for you!



There is around 256,000 SF of unused upper floor space in our downtown?!




The loft grant project was created to help property owners close the gap on useable space. We want to see livable downtown space, expanded business space and overall more opportunities for an active downtown corridor. 

With this grant, downtown property owners are eligible to receive $5.50 per interior building square foot. Learn more and see the grant application HERE.

Sample Pro Forma HERE

* Video Support HERE

** For more guidance please view the FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY  presentation below. 

Downtown Property.jpg

Similar to our local loft grant project, the State of Kansas has also seen the value in renovating our State's historic downtown properties to allow for commercial uses and housing opportunities. ​

With this grant, downtown property owners are eligible to receive $20 per building square foot up to $75,000. Learn more and see the grant application below. 

This grant program has been CLOSED. Check back for the latest in downtown grant programs. Check out the program guides below to better prepare for the next grant launch!

 Let's Celebrate! 

Pictured from left to right:

Matt Hiss of B&H Development, 

Dennis Neeland, GBED Board Member, 

Dena Hiss of B&H Development, 

Jolene Biggs, GBED Chairman of the Board, 

Sara Hayden, GBED President, 

Andrea Bauer of B&H Development, 

Kevyn Soupiset, GBED Board Member, 

Rob Bauer of B&H Development. 

2015 Lakin Ave, Great Bend, KS 67530

Congratulations to B&H Development for accepting the first of GBED Loft Grant awards!! ​See what B&H have to say about their loft grant!

"We greatly appreciate the City of Great Bend and Great Bend Economic Development for making this investment in our downtown and in our building specifically. The scope of this renovation is significant and this grant is an important first piece of the puzzle in making this project viable. 

We hope to see this beautiful building put back into service for the community. Our plans include the development of a second-floor event space where the community can gather and other local businesses can provide event services. 

Currently, the building is missing significant systems and infrastructure required to welcome guests. Plumbing and restrooms, heating and air, electrical upgrades, and fire/life safety measures - not to mention furnishings! This grant program has the potential of assisting with some of the unseen but costly components of second-floor renovations. 

We are proud to call this community home and can't wait to see what the future holds for Downtown Great Bend. "

Andrea Bauer
B&H Development


Upstairs Downtown Workshop

One Story at a Time

Incentives and Case Studies

Architectural Assessment

Building Codes and the Performance Path

Financial Feasibility

Innovative Resources

Learn more about the group Upstairs Downtown HERE​

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