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Renovate Barton Co.



Do you ever drive through your community and think, "wow, those houses would be amazing if someone was able to hit the refresh button!" This program has been created to act as our community housing REFRESH button!


We hope to encourage individuals to use grant funds to renovate, flip, build and refresh the residential areas of our community. In doing so, we know this will continue to inspire our citizens to take action and feel proud of Great Bend.

Ready. Set. RENOVATE!!

Incentive Programs

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 Give your older home in Great Bend, Ellinwood, Hoisington or Claflin a major upgrade and receive a rebate grant of up to 10% for material purchases. Home must be owner-occupied, and eligible upgrades must qualify as a major rehabilitation project with material purchases exceeding $10,000.

 Eligible Upgrades Include: Structural, Energy Conservation, and Modernization. (See full list and eligibility on the application. Click apply here for more information.)

The Brush Up program exists to provide paint and supplies to citizens to paint the exterior of their home. The first home we had the opportunity to accomplish (pictured below) belongs to Robert and Ruby Wright. Robert said he's tried for years to get his house painted, but is no longer able to climb a ladder, making it a challenging task. He tried several options to remedy the solution, even taping a paint brush to the end of a broom handle to give him some more height! In the end the task was too much for him to accomplish on his own. Cue Brush Up Barton County! Robert became aware of the program and submitted an application. The Brush Up team was more than excited to tackle this first project and even more excited to get the opportunity to get to know Robert. 

If you or someone you know are financially and/or physically unable to get your house painted, fill out the application above. Together we'll "Brush up Barton County!"


Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

Barton County Neighborhood Revitalization Plan—a transformative initiative designed to enhance the county's livability. By promoting the development of new structures and enhancing existing ones, this plan prioritizes safety and improves the overall quality of life for residents. Moreover, it offers enticing incentives for homeowners to invest in their properties, leading to greater neighborhood stability. As property values soar, the county benefits from increased tax revenue. Specific areas have been identified as "neighborhood revitalization areas" to receive focused attention and support. Discover how this plan revitalizes communities and propels Barton County forward.

More incentives coming soon


New Homeowners

Existing Property Owners

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