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Great Bend is centrally located in the United States as well as centrally located in Kansas.

Why is this important for your business? It is approximately 1000 miles from east coast and 1000 miles the west coast. Denver, Colorado, Kansas City, Missouri, Omaha, Nebraska and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are all within 5 hours of Great Bend, making it highly accessible to major metro areas.


Because of its location, the transit time for distribution to customers is reduced in comparison to locating on either coast. Great Bend is served by Fedex, UPS and USPS. 

When considering transit in and through Great Bend there are several highway options running right through town that only adds to your ease of travel. US-281, US-56, K-96 can be joined from town with several other highways nearby. Additionally interstate I-70 is located just 42 miles away and I-135 is only 65 miles away. 

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Great Bend is just a short distance from (6) six major metro areas, providing your business with peak shipping and transportation opportunities.

Denver, CO

401 miles


Omaha, NE

319 miles

Kansas City, MO

249 miles

St. Louis, MO

498 miles

Wichita, KS

114 miles

Oklahoma City, OK

272 miles

Driving not fast enough? That's alright, we've still got you covered with our immediate access to rail transportation. 

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