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Great Bend Cost of Living

There are many reasons to relocate your family and your home to Great Bend, but our cost of living is certainly towards the top of the list. As shown in the graph, Great Bend falls below the national average in overall cost of living and in most all categories, making our city a cost effective solution for your family and employees. 

Corporate Costs

State Corporate Net Income Tax

Federal Corporate Net Income Tax

Sales Tax (exemptions)

The state sales tax is 6.5%

Barton County Sales Tax is 1%

Great Bend sales tax is 1.2%

Total local sales tax is 8.7%.


Exemptions from the state sales tax

important to business and industry include:

  • Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment

  • Utility 

        For details please click here. ​

Labor Costs

Barton Co.


Median Hourly Wage



Median Hourly Wage

United States


Median Hourly Wage

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