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Great Bend Economic Development exists to effect positive change and growth in our community. With this mission in mind, we set out to correct an area of blight that has negatively impacted our community for too long. Follow along as we take this once proud hotel property, back to a beacon of success in our community. 

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” -Socrates

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This project started in January 2022 as a roundtable discussion about the greatest needs of our community. When conversation ensued on 3017 10th Street, it ended with a decision to "go for it!" There's only so long we can say, "someone should do something about that," that someone is Great Bend Economic Development! After much negotiation we were able to settle on a fair price for the property. Thinking things were smooth sailing from there we started planning and dreaming about the future of this property and its place in our community landscape. Little did we know 7 months of back and forth were to follow before, finally, in August of 2022 we secured ownership of 3017 10th Street.


Legal Work begins

Ultimately, we have goals to see this property as a hotel for Great Bend again. Before we get to that point we have some legal processes we need to go through to make sure everything is in place to allow us to make the best possible use of this property. While we certainly would opt for this project to move at a sprint, we all are going to have to be content with a walk for the time being, keeping in mind that forward motion is a success. 

Reviewing Legal Agreement



Clean Up and Secure

While we have work to complete before we can do any extensive changes to the property, we are committed to cleaning and securing it to make it safe for our community. It's not a mystery that this building is housing some unsafe activity. We want to ensure that, to the best of our ability, we keep these unsafe acts from happening. Over the next month you will see the landscaping cleaned up, the roof up front secured and the windows and doors covered. These measures, plus some other security measures, will help to keep our community safer. 



Once we have completed the legal tasks required to move ahead responsibly, we will start the teardown process! This is 60,000+ SF of primarily concrete building, the tear down will not be easy or inexpensive. We will seek multiple bids for this project to ensure we are being good stewards of our funds, but without question, we will gather partners to help accomplish this goal. 

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New Life

Our primary goal is to see this property once again house a hotel for our community. While we have many wonderful hotels in our area that we know will continue to be successful, we have a hotel study showing how many overnight stays we're missing due to a lack of rooms, among other things. We plan to enter into conversations with developers and prominent hotel chains to secure the right opportunity to take our community to the next level. 

Follow along with us to see the changes, updates and progress.

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