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Advancing Barton County Childcare, Inc.

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Watch Me Grow Secure Video Streaming Service
Safe and Interactive Outdoor Play Environment with Forever Lawn

With unmatched security, HD video and hassle-free access, you can connect from anywhere at anytime to watch your child interacting and learning!

Check out more about the system HERE.

Forever Lawn playground grass offers a superior play experience. ADA compliant, clean, safer surface and enhanced protection with built-in antistatic technology and antimicrobial properties. 

A playground solution providing fun and safety! Learn more about this product HERE.

When is the projected opening date?

Spring of 2024

When will there be a wait list?

The waitlist is expected to be out the beginning of December 2023.

What will the new center look like?

See above for the rendering, but stay tuned for the finished product!

Where can I find all childcare options in Barton County?

Click HERE to go to Child Care Aware of Kansas' child care search to find a licensed provider near you. 

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